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    History of Msgr. Francis L. Sampson Assembly #3179

    Chartered: June 25, 2009

    Original Place of Charter: Fairfax, Iowa.

    Local Councils that are currently, or have been at one point a part of our Assembly:

    Fairfax/Walford: 11942
    St. Jude Council: 5544


    Monsignor Francis L. Sampson Assembly was charted by the Supreme Council of Knights of Columbus on June 15, 2009. The establishment of this Assembly was a result of the encouragement of the District Master, Richard Makinster, and the diligent work of a number of 4th Degree members of Bowen General Assembly #269, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Two new assemblies, including Msgr. Sampson Assembly, were chartered from the Bowen General Assembly during the summer of 2009.

    A total of forty-one previous members of Bowen Assembly transferred to this new Assembly to become part of core membership along with eleven newly initiated Sir Knights. During the planning stages prior to chartering, the Assembly chose its name by vote of the proposed membership. Monsignor Francis L. Sampson was chosen for a number of reasons. Sampson had roots from his Iowan birth, early childhood, and priestly ministry in the Diocese of Des Moines. Needless to say Monsignor's patriotic work as a long-time member of the military chaplain corps and active service during three wars was greatly admired by the membership. The initial members believed that Monsignor Francis L. Sampson exemplified all the virtues of patriotism in solemn duty to both God and Country.


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